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Modular Building & Housing Using Shipping Containers

The world’s population is slowly evolving in terms of housing and buildings. People are no longer thinking along the same old lines when it comes to building a house through cost effective methods. For instance, in one of our previous posts, we talked about shipping container houses, the way they’re being adopted as a trend in the current market, and various other aspects.

So continuing onwards, this article is going to talk about how modular shipping containers can be used as real houses, small scale buildings, offices, and etc.

We’re almost at the en d of year 2011; it is an age of advanced technology, rapid construction and tons of facilities at a very low price. For instance, talking about the housing sector, people wh o don’t have a lot of money, they’re still able to get their hands on lavish lifestyle through shipping container homes.

Now when we compare a shipping container house to a normal brick and mortar house, there are common things that one can see. Let’s say, for both shipping container shelters and houses, you’re going to need to use these containers as occupied buildings. For this, a lot of money needs to be spent through ad campaign, and real estate connections, so that potential buyers can be driven towards your sales.

However, if you’re sort of a one man party whose sole purpose is to use the shipping containers as a privately owned property, you’ll still need to spend money on heating measures, cooling arrangements, water lines, electric supply, plumbing, exterior skins for insulation, weather resistance accessories and much more. Don’t the se measures sound familiar?

Of course you have to go through them one by one, even if it’s an ordinary house, but from a general perspective, the cost factor involved in installing all those facilities in a shipping container house, as compared to a brick and mortar house, is a lot less!

All the more, shipping container houses require a lot less space, so the cost of acquiring a area based property will also be within your affordability power. Now we’re going to take a look at where modular shipping buildings can be used best. Later on, we’ll talk about this topic in more details:

-          High Fi Data Storage Centers!

Ever heard about Microsoft and Sun Micro Systems founding data centers in shipping containers? You have to be crazy if you didn’t. This is the most legit and credible piece of information regarding housing through shipping container queries on the internet. Both these companies, alongside a slew of others, have been known to establish portable data centers in used and new shipping containers.

Of course, they spent a good amount of extra dime on security and reliability preferences, but the point is pretty much clear; you can do the same thing yourself.


-          Office Construction:

Small and big scale offices are being constructed using ISO containers. If you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur who is looking to open an office, without spending a lot of money on this thing, go for a shipping container and refurbish it to better suit your needs.


-            Art Exhibit for Wanna Be Artists:

Santa Barbara is famous for its Museum of Art and pretty much all the other museums, which have been constructed over the past couple of years. Though these museums are not made of shipping containers, but the authorities use shipping container shelters to store all the extra art work and low level security stuff. Think of giant 40 feet containers and tons of things stored in there.

Some Other Examples of How Shipping Containers Are Being Used:

If we were to continue with stating down examples of how modular buildings are being used these days, it’ll just go on and on. However you can still take a look at the appended ideas and look for them in details across the internet, as you might be interested in working on one of the following projects:



Emergency Housing Yards/ Shelters

Hunting Lodges and Guest Cabins

Indoor Swimming Pools

Military Bunkers

Frat Houses

Supply Depots

Storage Centers for Inventory Management

Startup Restaurants

Restrooms and Portable Snack Stalls

Community Center

Office Chain


Shipping Containers in Modern World – What Does The Philosophy Say?

In America, there’s an entire project that’s named as “Container City”; we’ll get to it later. The idea of disclosing this name was due to the fact that people want quality and cost effectiveness, both wrapped up in the same deal. If you’re skeptical regarding the level of progress being made in the construction industry through shipping containers, take a look below:


A.      Puma City:

Puma City is a traveling store and it is apparently taking world tours. The idea of this store is to showcase the level of perfection, which the architects behind this project came up with. Puma City store is built with shipping containers, with a series of 24 containers boxed up and delicately designed to meet the needs of store owners.

As soon as the Puma City tour is over, they’re going to park this giant container series in Puma, where people will hopefully remember it for the rest of their natural born lives.   Obviously, you probably don’t have the man power or money to work on such a large project at your side, but if you’re considering building something at this scale, you should hire a good team of architects. They’ll cut down the internal walls and make your container rooms more spacious for you.


B.      Visioneering Studios:

Visioneering Studios is truly a work of vision and dedication. It is a WIP project, but you can Google it to see how far they’ve gone with it. The people who’re working on this thing, they’re basically building a church. The containers, in their opinion, are a cheap solution and are more environment friendly, based on the LEEDS accreditation, and green factors.

The design has developed pretty much into a final shape, so you can see the photos across the internet, if you’re interested in knowing the Visioneering Studios in more details. The developers foresee a time when people will be worshipping, eating and praying in shipping containers. Lets see if their prediction is true or false….


C.      Global Peace Containers:

Basically Global Peace Containers is a non profit organization that has been in the business of crafting buildings through unusual means. This factor very much includes shipping containers and their perfect application in the current construction industry. Global Peace Containers’ recent projects can be seen on Google or some other search engine of your preference.

Eventually, you’ll find out that this non profit company has gone beyond the call of duty, by building medical facilities, classrooms, housing series, restaurants and so much more. Presently, the company has got a plethora of like minded employees and a truck load of ideas to implement its strategies concerning shipping container construction.


D.      Container City:

Container City is a very old project. You can find updates and past logs about it on the internet, and inside the folds of popular construction and real estate journals.  This project was first initiated in May 2001, and since then those guys have perfectly demonstrated the practical and urban application of container buildings on all levels. You can take a stroll through Docklands, to see the live example of what Container City has come up with in the last couple of years. Container City has recently finished building a college that’s entirely made from ISO shipping containers – pretty neat, isn’t it?


-          Necessary Steps For Building a Shipping Container House:

What are the necessary or the most important steps for building a shipping container house? This is a very common question that most of the people come up with, whenever they’re on the verge of starting a personal construction project for the first time.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t have any idea about building shipping container rooms or houses, you’ll need shipping container blue prints. These blue prints are available in the local construction market, or at various websites on the internet. All you have to do is look for them on the internet and see what they’re all about. Besides, even if you do have experience concerning shipping container shelters, the blue prints will help you in getting more ideas about efficient construction, space saving, and proper utilization of available accessories.

The affordable housing scenario starts with 8 by 40 feet shipping containers. These containers can be commonly found at seaports – you can buy them easily. According to modern architects, such as Peter DeMaria and David Cross , buying a recycled container is the first half of the equation.

Recycled containers are available for $2,000 to $3,000, which is just tip of the iceberg. You’ll need material for insulation, DIY solar panel kits, green roofs, heating accessories for winter season, and heat blocking accessories for summers etc. The final cost of your shipping container house will add up to a solid $10,000 or maybe a couple of notches less than that.

-          Is Hiring an Architect or a Construction Company Good Idea?

Do you want to simply monitor the construction process and approve or disapprove various changes that are being made to your would be shipping container home? Do you like to avoid the hassle of getting your hands dirty? Do you want to deal with petty dealers and construction workers for hours, while completely neglecting your primary source of income on daily basis?

There are tons of reason to hire an architect of a good construction company for building your shipping container house. It all comes down to your preferences. Some people like to build things with their own hands. Most of these fellows have entire families to manually support them in building container houses.

Some people just like to hire somebody for this type of gig. Whatever the case may be; the end result is that the overall cost will be very low and affordable, as compared to a brick and mortar house. And if you’re worrying about people eyeing your shipping container house as something weird, you’ll just have to get used to it. In the next couple of years, these container homes will become so popular that people will start eyeing regular brick houses as if they’re something out of the past.

By the way, the wealthy folks are already paying DeMaria anything near $300,000 for shipping container houses. These homes are either built on site, or they’re delivered to you at your door step, once they’re complete – the choice is yours.

Now $300,000 is definitely a huge sum of money. But it also proves that these shipping container buildings have now become a regular trend in the current time period. People are actually spending money on this thing, rather than building conventional homes.


Advantages of Shipping Container Houses:

At the moment, these houses are readily available at very low price. The competition isn’t too high, so you should be able to sign a decent deal, concerning your dream house.

ISO container shelters and houses are certified and environment friendly. Some activists have been creating a lot of noise against these new container buildings, but now that LEEDS and other platforms have approved them, everyone seems to be following the shipping containers building trend.

ISBU units are really inexpensive and they’ll only cost you a maximum of $6,000. For this much price, you’ll be able to own a 40 foot huge container, which adds up to a lot of worthiness in the long run.

The overall construction time is very short when it comes to shipping container buildings. A brick and mortar house will take a good amount of months to get anywhere close to a final shape, but a shipping container shelter or a fully loaded house can be built in a matter of weeks.

Finally, you can position the shipping container any way you like. This way, your house will be perfectly created the way you have always wanted it to be.